About Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanon is the gateway to the Middle East with its famed cedars and distinctive culture. For most of its past Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate. This small but incredible country blends the archaic and metropolitan to make a very beautiful and proud land.

Lebanese traditions passed down for thousands of years incorporate the lush produce of this country bordered on the west by the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is full of vineyards, orchards and olive groves and this is reflected in the food. Their healthy dishes flavoured with lemon, olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs have gained a lot of popularity in the rest of the world in recent years. Lebanese cuisine as a whole could go under the heading of health food. Meats marinated and grilled in the Shawarma style are also becoming as famous as Shish Kababs. Similar to the Tapas of Spain and Antipasto of Italy, Mezza is an assortment of small dishes creating an array of colours, flavours, textures and aromas.

To complete an experience of Lebanese food, you must also try the many different types of pastries.